Anastasia is a miracle for her family. She was born, almost dead, with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Anastasia was not immediately resuscitated.  Upon resuscitating, the doctors struggled for 20 minutes to keep her alive. The lack of oxygen affected Anastasia’s brain; especially the centers controlling movement coordination. 

The doctors gave Anastasia minimum chances of survival and told her parents to expect the worst. Baby Anastasia did not give up, putting on a fight to stay with the ones who gave her life. In the first 3 days, Anastasia had seizures which affected her brain even more and she was monitored within Intensive Care for 35 days.  After hospital discharge, Anastasia did not cry and could not focus her eyes or eat. She was fed through a tube until 7 months old.

At 2 years of age, Anastasia could not sit, communicate pain or hunger, and did not know how to play. Anastasia’s parents did not give up continuing to search for help. Finally they received a favorable answer from Istanbul, where many children with similar issues have been healed. The treatment was a stem cell transplant.  The doctors recommended 4 sessions at one month intervals combined with kinesiotherapy sessions for the new cells’ activation.

Anastasia already completed the 4 transplant sessions with incredible results after only a few months. Today, Anastasia can hold her head up, sit, play, and recently said “Mama”. Her family and all the people who were by her side in this healing journey are overwhelmed with joy. The road to recovery is not over yet. The doctors say there’s still room for improvement and the hysiotherapy sessions will help her become stronger as well as more and more independent.

The “Save a Heart” Association and organized the fundraising campaign for Anastasia Soimu’s treatment.

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